Atlanta Fish Market

We visited the Atlanta Fish Market as part of the Buckhead Life Group Restaurants’ Summer Dine Around.  The restaurant has an excellent reputation, and we were eager to give them a try.  Our reservation was for 6:45 PM on a Friday evening, and I thought we would beat the rush.

Atlanta Fish Market on Pharr Road in Buckhead

We pulled into the parking lot past a 40 foot high cooper fish sculpture where the valet took our car.  We sensed that two other couples that had arrived at the same time were trying to beat us to the long porch lined with large rocking chairs.  When we walked into the restaurant on the inside of the revolving door, we realized we were right because we were sixth in line to check in at the hostess station.  The place was packed, moderately loud, and the staff was bustling.  I had a chance to look around while we waited about 10 minutes for a table.  The main dining room was a large open area with a two-story high ceiling.  There was a mural as long as the room above the open kitchen that featured people who looked familiar, but I wasn’t sure I recognized any of them.  The chandeliers were giant orbs with stars and there were palm trees in mosaic pots that gave the restaurant a feeling of a tropical night in the islands.  The bar area adjacent to the main dining room is called the Sushi Lounge with a low ceiling making it a more intimate space.  They have a full sushi menu.

Mural above the open kitchen

We sat in a large booth with leather cushions, and I sank down into my seat.  The tables across the aisle had chairs with leather seats and monogrammed seat back cushions.  Then Matthew approached in his understated, yet classy dark blue patch pocket shirt and white apron.  His assistant filled our water glasses, and Matthew described the menu.  It was moderately priced with nothing over $30.  He was extremely knowledgeable and made suggestions on the wine and dining options.  His descriptions of the selections included colorful words that made my mouth water, and it took him a full five minutes to complete his recitation.

He left to get our drinks and his assistant refilled my water glass.  We reviewed the menu and at his suggestion, we split the popular wedge salad with blue cheese and bacon dressing.  Genetta chose a crusted pecan salmon entree with sweet potatoes and broccoli.  He told us “the crab cakes are 97% crab meat with just enough breading and mayonnaise to hold them together.”  I took his suggestion, and he was right.  They were delicious.  My green beans were perfect and not too crunchy like most restaurants serve.  The scallions in the mashed potatoes gave them a unique flavor and the light textured made them delightful.  And his assistant refilled my water glass.

Every time I needed something, Matthew  showed up right on time.  And then, his assistant refilled my water glass. So, I decided to test him, and I drank about 1/3 of the glass of water.  He passed the table in less than 20 seconds and refilled my glass again within 10 seconds.  They were watching us like hawks and serving our whims.  The food was delicious and the service was impeccable.

Two tables away, someone ordered one of their signature lobster entrees.  Their waiter brought the bad boy on a tray and that monster surveyed the room.  He waived his giant blue banded claws and everyone cheered.  It was one of the biggest lobsters I have ever seen.

Fresh fish cooler

We finished our meal and on my way to check out the restroom, I passed a huge fish tank and a 25 foot long cooler full of fresh, colorful fish.  Matthew had told us the fish was flown in fresh every day, and I believe him.

It was a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend them for food quality and service.  If you are in Atlanta, give them a try.


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