Iberostar Cancun – 2009

The Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso resort hotel is located on Playa Paraiso (Quintana Roo) in the heart of the Riviera Maya and a few miles from Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and the island of Cozumel.  It features five hotels within the complex with increasing star ratings (price points) from one star to five stars.  You can always visit a hotel with a lower star rating, but you can’t get into the hotels with a higher star rating than where you are staying.  The endless beach of white sand and warm turquoise waters complements the hotel’s three pools: one with sea water and aqua-bar, a heated indoor/exterior pool with sliding roof and a third with a panoramic view.  We stayed at the Five Star Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso, a luxurious adults only resort hotel and spa,  sumptuous food and drinks, and impeccable service.  The Grand Hotel Paraiso has four superb restaurants, a five-star buffet, snack bar/grill on the beach and at the pool, six bars as well as 24 hour room service.

We flew into Cancun airport and took a private van 30 miles to Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso.  We passed some pretty rugged jungle land with numerous haphazard shops or strip centers along the road.  When we arrived, the guard checked our driver’s credentials, found our reservation, and opened the massive gates.  Security was very tight.

We entered the lobby, and we were welcomed with greatly appreciated cold towels at the front desk.  While we talked to the desk clerk, we were offered champagne and mimosas.  We received our room assignment and an attendant took the key and led us to a golf cart at the front door.  We rode through lush tropical gardens with plants so large, they seemed exaggerated.  We have that plant at home, but I had no idea they grew that big.  We walked a short distance into a beautiful hall with marble floors with art painted on the ceilings.

Did I call this a hall with a painted ceiling? What would you call it?
Marble staircase
This is some of the art on the ceiling
Exquisite ceiling art
A magnificent wooden sculpture

The attendant opened the door to our marble floored suite, and we were thrilled.  We entered into a hall that had a huge marble bathroom with double sinks, jacuzzi tub and glass shower.  The towels were king-sized and so thick, they were like blankets.  And, they smelled good too.  Across from the bathroom were the twin closets with a bar between them.  (The minibar is included.)  The attendant said he would get us some ice and our butler would arrive shortly.  So, we went further into the suite and inspected our accommodations for the next seven days.  Renaldo, our butler, came in and told us about the resort and its amenities.  He asked if we had any special requests.  So, I asked if he would swap out the scotch in the mini bar for more vodka and Jack Daniels.  Then he took my shoes and left.

King sized bed fit for a King

We were a little hungry, but it was 3 o’clock and lunch was over and it was too early for dinner.  So we went to the grill by the pool..  They will prepare whatever you want from a very nice menu, or you can go to the buffet that included crab legs and caviar.

We walked in the door and a young man who was working as a bus boy excitedly announced in his big boy outside voice, “NEGROES, MY NEGROES ARE HERE!  Come, come, I have a special table for you.  Do you know Kobe?”  We wanted to be offended, but we had to laugh.  He was genuinely excited to see us.  The hostess raced toward us and the servers began to approach.  “Really, tell me” he whispered, “you know Kobe don’t you?”  He looked so desperate for confirmation, and I didn’t want to disappoint him, so I said, “Of course we know Kobe.” “I knew it!  MY NEGROES KNOW KOBE.”  The servers began to close in on him, but he was not to be diminished.  A supervisor ran up and sent him to the kitchen, but as he left, he dropped his head and muttered in delight, “My Negroes know Kobe.”

We sat down and there were two servers, and this was the grill between meals.  The evening meals are available in the grill, but there are also four themed restaurants where a formal dinner is served.  Choose from American, Asia (including sushi), steak and seafood, and Italian.  A concierge is stationed on each floor in the foyer of the residence buildings.  They make the reservations for dinner, set up excursions, answer questions and fulfill requests using the numerous resources at their disposal.

A bountiful buffet
All you can eat of things you never eat

After our meal, we walked outside to see what was happening, and …

It looks like the pool extends into the ocean
Poolside bar and hot tub
A stroll through the resort
The residence buildings are on the beach with thatched umbrellas

We explored a little, but never left our section of the resort.  When we returned to the room, I thought it was a good time to sample the mini bar.  The butler had placed a liter of Absolute Vodka and a liter of Jack Daniels on the bar.  My shoes were in the closet with a fresh shine.  And, the bed was turned down.

Bed turn down service after dinner

We rested in the swinging chairs on the balcony patio after dinner and prepared for the evening show.  There was a different show every night with costume changes and a live band.  The shows are entertaining and energetic.  We had a great time.  The performers want the audience to participate and by the end of the week, you are calling each other by your names.

Dance the night away
Some of the cast members with Genetta

We were having a great time, and this was all on Day One.  We had a whole week to live like royalty.  And we did!  🙂


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